Super Negin Saffron


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Super Negin Saffron

Super Negin saffron is an extra special type of saffron. It has a deep, rich red color, incredible aroma and luxurious taste. It is used by professional chefs in the finest cuisine around the world and is our premium, most sought after saffron. In our expert opinion this is the world’s finest saffron.
our Super Negin can be immediately recognized by its deep red color, and bigger, thicker tips to each thread and contains only the best parts of the saffron stigma, the red component called Kalale. The lower, white, or yellow part of the stigma that extends into the head of the flower, called Khame, is removed completely.
The top portion of each saffron thread is significantly larger and thicker than other grades and it is this extra thickness that has a notable effect on taste, aroma and coloring capacity.

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